Innovative artwork software for packaging houses, studios, manufacturers, brand owners and retailers, designed to overcome the challenges of variable size packs while delivering significant benefits.

With many years of experience in the packaging artwork industry, we know that a complete software solution isn’t always necessary, and can even prohibit the speed required to support delivery. Often, it’s the smallest changes that deliver the biggest improvements to processes and workflow.

In order to meet your individual needs, we can tailor our artwork software according to your unique requirements – whether you’re a brand owner, graphics agency or manufacturer – to help you achieve the best results on any given project or range.

Building in your brand guidelines

We know that you invest a lot of time and money into developing your brand guidelines, but rather than just printing them out and leaving them in a drawer, we build them directly into the software, keeping your artwork on brand, at all times, with the minimum of effort.

Daena Global Accelerate starts off with an initial onsite consultation through our Daena Global Insight programme. Following this exploration and evaluation process, we then use the information to develop bespoke workflows and brand rules, in order to merge the guidelines and pack copy.

Benefits to your business

The Daena Global Client desktop application fits seamlessly into your processes with minimum training required. Once implemented, the software will bring your team significant benefits, adding up to provide significant return on investment.

  • Reduced process time
  • Drive consistency
  • Tailored workflows
  • Minimal training
  • Speed of deployment
  • Short term ROI
  • Time reduction
  • Adherence to legislation
  • Consistent decision making
  • Supports brand conformity

A typical Daena Global Accelerate process takes between five and ten working days – from completion of an Insight programme, to final tested workflows – dependent on the size and scale of the brand guidelines.