Our automated software maximises consistency and efficiency in artwork production for packs of the same size. Completed packaging artwork with minimal intervention.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the packaging artwork industry, we work closely with you and your team to tailor our automated software to meet your specific requirements – whether you’re a design studio, manufacturer, brand owner or retailer.

Smart, intuitive and innovative, our specially designed software can carry out all the tasks that an operator can perform, consistently and at high speed.

Brilliantly on-brand

Like you, we love to see a consistent range on the shelf and ensure that the brand owner’s vision is achieved. So to facilitate this and make it easier for you, we build the guidelines directly into our software, replicating the creative decisions for accurate output.

Daena Global Complete starts off with an initial onsite consultation using our Daena Global Insight programme. During this time we learn about your studio processes, then develop bespoke workflows and brand rules to take the master file and deliver language, variant or promotion changes through the software.

Maximum benefits, minimal training

The Daena Global Client desktop application fits seamlessly into your processes and requires very little training to get your team up to speed.

Once you’re up and running, you should soon see many benefits to your business, such as improvements across your workflow and a significant return on your investment.

  • Supports brand conformity
  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced process time
  • Consistent output
  • Tailored workflows
  • Minimal training
  • Speed of deployment
  • Short term ROI
  • Time reduction
  • Adherence to legislation
  • Better decision making

A typical Daena Global Complete process takes five to ten working days from completion of an Insight programme, to final tested workflows – dependent on the number of templates required.