The perfect tool for packaging houses, manufacturers, retailers and brand owners who want to improve their artwork processes, but just don’t have the time.


The first step is a thorough consultation process, where we listen to your team, familiarise ourselves with your artwork processes and analyse how your studio works.

From the information gathered, we’ll produce a detailed report of tailored recommendations, highlighting solid opportunities to improve quality, reduce costs and improve productivity.


If you decide to use our Daena Global Complete or Accelerate software, our comprehensive reporting process brings you the benefit of continued productivity improvements and confirmed ROI commitments.

We know that time pressures make evaluating your processes difficult, so we use our extensive knowledge of international process improvement techniques Lean and Six Sigma to provide you with professional support and advice, supported by our detailed data capture of your productivity.


Our comprehensive consultancy assesses your current inputs, processes and outputs. In turn, this provides us with the information we need to identify opportunities for you to increase productivity, reduce costs, minimise reworks and drive consistency in your packaging artwork.

  • Artwork End-to-end Process consultancy
  • Short term ROI opportunities
  • Key business improvement possibilities
  • Graphics team adoption
  • Identifying artwork projects to automate


For customers using Daena Global Accelerate and Complete, our detailed web portal reporting provides Insight to maximise and maintain your productivity.

  • Feedback on effectiveness
  • Return on Investment and Work In Progress
  • Team adoption of the solution
  • Client feedback opportunities

We’ll work with you over a two to three day evaluation programme, allowing us to collect and collate the information required in order to supply you with your bespoke Insight reports.