What We Do

Our innovative artwork automation software was created to fill an essential gap in packaging artwork production


Following a 10 year search for suitable artwork automation software, and after exhausting all available avenues, we realised that if we wanted to find the right tool, we’d have to create it ourselves: and so Daena Global was born. The companies we’d evaluated lacked functionality, flexibility with incoming pack copy and features that would achieve the clients’ marketing expectations – or they worked on software platforms that were alien to the existing production teams. Three years ago we decided to create a suite of products to service and add value to the graphics industry, while simultaneously removing those barriers to success. To overcome the legacy challenges we faced, we’ve written our own development language and application that works in conjunction with Adobe® Illustrator®, for the automation or semi-automation of packaging artwork production. Daena Global combines more than 75 years of experience across software and web development, studio management, and artwork creation – plus the extensive application and knowledge of international improvement practices, Lean and Six Sigma. We’re a packaging house’s secret weapon.


We understand, appreciate and empathise with the challenges that studios, manufacturers, retailers and brand owners face, so we’ve made it our mission to be more than just a software provider. Firstly, we use Daena Global Insight in order to understand your current work processes. We then propose a solution that delivers benefits from either full or partial automation, and that allows you to deliver the timings, quality, and consistency that your customers demand. From our evaluations we would propose one of two separate output types: Daena Global Complete or Daena Global Accelerate. Using the knowledge we’ve acquired, we build workflows, rules and templates that enable you to create your own tailored artwork at the click of a button – from a completed piece to a content-rich guideline document. Our Daena Global Insight server provides you with feedback on your software use to ensure the maximum return on your investment, and we’re always on hand to offer any support or assistance you need. At Daena Global, your success is our success.