Daena Global Ltd | Helping you streamline your artwork production

Daena Global Insight works across the entire artwork and labelling production process.

Insight starts with us listening to how you work, enabling us to tailor our artwork software to meet your requirements. Our bespoke Daena Global Labelling system, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Pack Copy Extraction and ETL Content Conversion systems integrate seamlessly with our automation software to provide you with an end to end process for packaging artwork creation.

From our evaluations, we will propose our tried and tested workflow efficiency models. For automating artwork, Daena Global Complete or Daena Global Accelerate comprises a comprehensive suite of output options.



Daena Global Accelerate is our pioneering solution to the problem of automating artwork for different pack sizes and formats.

We know that brand owners spend significant amounts of time and money on guidelines before handing them over to their PMA or graphic design provider. Our labelling system will convert your pack copy documents into consistent database backed content for use later in the labelling and artwork automation process.

Our output combines your guidelines with approved content for placing directly onto the artwork, supporting your brand consistency on-shelf and reducing the opportunity for amends and the usual errors that creep in to the artwork production process.


Our Daena Global Complete package is a more traditional view of artwork automation, one that consists of template based master artworks and the efficient rollout of variant artworks.

Daena Global Complete is the ideal choice for campaigns that will greatly benefit from the efficiency that artwork automation brings to artworks with groups of consistent technical drawings.

A single Daena Global template can produce unlimited variant artworks, complete with your brand images, colours and formatted pack copy content without human intervention, bringing significant time savings to your brand’s launch process.

The flexibility of our Complete process will benefit many secondary packaging requirements such as POS (Point of Sale), Shippers, SRP (Shelf Ready Packaging), and primary packaging types such as bags, pouches, cans, labels, Euro slot hangers, sleeves, flow wraps, wrappers, cartons, and sachets amongst many more…


Agile software for packaging artwork delivers multiple benefits to manufacturers, print management agencies, retailers and brand owners – providing consistency, efficiency, accuracy and more streamlined processes


While legislation may be driving a consistent experience for the customer, how do you minimise the risk of a product recall and still deliver your products on time?

We know that by using technology you can reduce or eliminate risks, while still streamlining the processes – and here at Daena Global Ltd, we’ve created a suite of services and products to do just that.

Working with your creative and legal teams, we can eradicate human error in the process of creating packaging artwork. Instead of significant ‘copy and pasting’ from a pack copy to the final artwork, we can deliver the content automatically, drastically reducing the risk of an error. Subsequently, the software improves the speed of the process, removing waste through repeatability and taking process times from days to just minutes.


The team at Daena Global Ltd all come from an agency background and have empathy for the difficulties you face. Our mission is to provide artwork software that you enjoy using, as well as benefit from. We know you love to use Adobe® Illustrator®, so we’ve created our application to work alongside Adobe’s most used product, without any compromises.

To overcome the challenges of client pack copy, we’ve written our own development language and application that refines the incoming content and presents seamlessly into our software to save you time and reduce your risks.

Whether you‘re running full or semi-automation, your agency will benefit hugely from the support the application provides – whether that be consistent brand decisions, repeatability or a reduction in time spent copy and pasting!


With our background in, and passion for, the graphics industry, there’s nothing that we love seeing more than a great brand being represented consistently on-shelf or online. Our team have spent many years looking at why ranges deviate away from the guidelines, and how we can provide assistance and support to ensure that everything stays on track.

The Daena Global packages are designed to eliminate the variability that’s created when multiple people build artwork. We do that through programming the brand into the software.

By saving the studio time on repeatable tasks, they can invest more time into looking at your range and brand, driving consistency and brand conformity, and ensuring your designs always look their very best.

Our unique development language and data extraction technology unravels incoming pack copy documents and transforms them into a consistent structured database allowing for review and approval cycles before creating an output for our unique desktop application that drives Adobe® Illustrator® templates through a series of workflows – creating a native Illustrator output with no compromises.

We tailor each workflow to the client’s specific requirements and documents, delivering the best possible speed while still maintaining accuracy, brand consistency and compliance with relevant legislation.