About Daena

Different from our competitors

Unlike our competitors, we don't challenge the industry-standard applications such as Adobe® Illustrator®, instead, we work with them, enriching the operator's experience by providing a suite of neatly integrated plugins. Whilst machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is inherent within our DNA, our technology allows for off-line manual take-over from the automated process at any stage.

Meet Our Team.

The Daena team consists of a vibrant mix of seasoned Design-to-Print (D2P) experts from the design, artwork and pre-press packaging industry.

Nick Siddall

Product Manager

David Elsdon

Chief Technology Officer

Jess Owen

Project Manager

Jonathon Milner

Chief Business Consultant

Jack Lipp

Chief Transformation Officer

Paul Simpson

Marketing Manager

Jim Burk

US Business Development Manager

Our work ethic

Creating technical packaging production artwork is challenging. Daena’s alternative to the hard work and stress associated with production, as well as a challenger to cumbersome off-shore supply models, is to fully automate (or where applicable) semi-automate the artwork production process.

Available Careers

History of Daena.

The Daena solution was three years in the making before release and involves a three-pronged approach. The first step is Insight, a consultancy process that involves assessing current working practices and the creation of a proposal detailing how we can automate and refine your process.

We know the struggle and we realise how much people love their brands. Our solutions are about retaining control of the artwork and brand whilst improving quality and reducing inefficiencies.

The software then has two output options: Accelerate, described as “semi-automation” whereby artwork elements can be automated for manual compilation into a final file, and Complete, for full print ready artwork automation.

A reporting suite is built in to allow customers to track their progress at each stage.